Science & Engineering Fair

Discovery & Ingenuity

Annual involvement in science and engineering fairs allows our students to continue practicing the skills they need to be successful in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in high school, college, and beyond.   Through participation in the fair, students further explore scientific inquiry and the engineering design process.  We are delighted to provide an annual showcase for students’ knowledge, skills, confidence, and growth.


The Projects & the Process

The students’ science-based projects focus on the experiment and the scientific process. Students do not engage in demonstrations or research projects; rather, they conduct an experiment and then develop a project around their process and the results of the experiment.  

Students’ engineering-based projects focus on the design process.  Teachers first modeled these approaches in class and then provided support to help students develop a successful project. 

Each year, our students have the unique opportunity to converse with experts from the community. Through these conversations, students gain valuable feedback on their design or experiment, the process of their project, and ideas for future development. This portion of the fair enhances our students’ overall experience by stimulating the true process of reflection and continued study, while supporting their interests in the fields of science and engineering.