Competitive Activities

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IESA Scholastic Bowl

Scholastic Bowl is organized into two possible competition teams - Junior Varsity and Varsity, depending on annual interest. NGS competes in the Illini Conference with other 1-A schools in the Central Illinois region. Practices typically begin in January with a school competition to determine team placement and end in April with the State Tournament. Practices typically occur two to three days per week with local matches and tournaments scheduled throughout the season. 

IESA Chess

Students in Primary F to Middle School C are eligible to compete on the school's Chess Team. The team practices begin in the second semester and lead to the IESA State Chess Tournament in February. Individuals and teams are awarded based on cumulative wins throughout two days of matches. To prepare, local chess tournaments and scrimmages with other area schools may be scheduled. Practices are typically two to three days a week.


MathCounts participants meet once weekly after school to challenge their math skills in a contest setting. Practices lead to a school competition that determines the top scorers that will travel on to the chapter competition in the region. Individuals and teams are eligible, based on their scoring at the chapter competition, to travel to the state competition in the early spring. Middle school students in Middle School A to C are eligible for this activity.

Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad is an after school competition group offered to Primary F (fifth grade) students at Next Generation. Students attend weekly meetings for the activity and work towards five monthly contests that take place at the school. The contests are submitted to the national Math Olympiad organization and participants cumulative scores earn awards. Awards range from personal score medals, highest score trophies, and team awards for scoring in the top ten percent in the district.