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Our Lower Primary School classrooms hum with activity as students engage in the learning process.

Each classroom is led by two full-time teachers who differentiate instruction to meet learners where they are and inspire them to reach their fullest potential in Reading and Language Arts, Math and Social Studies. All other classes are taught or co-taught by teachers specialized in those fields.

Language Arts

Our Language Arts program utilizes authentic experiences to create learners who view themselves as authors and critical readers. Students are given a myriad of opportunities to read and write for genuine purposes. They are asked to explore and elaborate on a daily basis thereby enhancing their understanding of how language works and the limitless possibilities for these subjects as mediums of communication.


Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach provides a rich and exciting base curriculum for our young mathematicians. Each classroom has two math levels - Advanced Math for students working at least one full grade level ahead and Accelerated Math for students who are working primarily at grade level, with extensions and enrichment to continue to challenge and encourage their mathematical growth. In addition, all children participate in Math Enrichment - a program designed to further foster each student’s problem solving and critical thinking skills, resulting in confidence in the language and application of mathematics.

History & Geography

History and Geography come alive as our students use critical thinking to creatively explore these topics. Through experiences like a virtual cross country trip to explore the landforms of the U.S., creating a puppet show to explain how a bill becomes a law, or debating the rights and responsibilities of citizens, young learners are given the opportunity to delve into relevant topics, both past and present, in meaningful ways.

Science & Engineering

A peek into our Primary School science lab reveals students who have the confidence to hypothesize and test their thinking. Using a lab-based approach, our science specialists inspire our students to use the knowledge they acquire to solve problems that are valid and applicable to their lives.


Our Spanish instructor makes Spanish a treasured and valuable time for young learners. Using the TPRS approach, the teacher completely immerses and engages students in the study of the Spanish language and culture. This program lends itself to the variety of language learners in each classroom - whether it is a student just beginning to learn Spanish or a native speaker, they are all challenged at their specific level.

Physical Education

Whether in our gymnasium, our outdoor facilities, or at a local park, our instructors teach physical education students that being active is an enjoyable, lifelong experience as they expose children to a variety of games, activities, and sports. From roller skating to lacrosse, students have fun as they learn the fundamentals, history, rules, and regulations. Nutrition and physiology are also explored as students learn about living healthy and active lifestyles.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts instructors open unique and exciting opportunities for young learners as they share their love of music. Students view themselves as musicians as they learn to play Orff instruments, percussion instruments, keyboards, and the uklele. This view is further fostered as they learn to use their voices as a means of expression through song and drama. Music theory and history are also brought to life as students examine exciting theme-based units such as American Roots and Blues, Classical Composers or Broadway Musicals.

Fine Arts

The fine arts program thrives on bringing out the innate artist in every child through dedicated classes. As children learn about the lives of professional artists, they also discuss what the artist was trying to express and are given the freedom to decide what they think of the artists' work. Using this discussion as a springboard, they use the elements of art to express their own ideas using a variety of media, techniques, and materials.