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Each child’s day is filled with rich and exciting opportunities to develop and grow at their own pace.

By providing a multitude of learning experiences throughout the day, our children receive well-balanced instruction.  Academics are taught in whole-group, small group, and individual settings, thus, creating an environment tailored to the needs of each unique child.  Our learners also enjoy our specialty classes which include science, art, reading, music, and Spanish. In addition to our academic and specialty instruction, children enjoy gross motor play daily in our gym, on our playground, or at the park.  Our program also encompasses social-emotional learning with the integration of the Second Step Program.


Our science program is designed to promote the development of scientific thinking through active involvement. Students don't learn science, they experience science through exploration and discovery. Our science specialist designs units of study to spark the young child's interest and curiosity about their world.


The music program exposes our students to a vast amount of music from the around the world. This exposure positively impacts each student's development while simultaneously developing musical skills and a deep appreciation for the production and performance of music.  Each music lesson incorporates performing music (singing, playing, and dancing), listening to and discussing music, and developing music appreciation through fun and games.


The goal of the preschool and transitional kindergarten Spanish program is to develop excitement towards learning the Spanish language while fostering a positive cross-cultural learning experience. In a lively and fun atmosphere, students acquire foundational vocabulary and language structure awareness that serves as the base for their language instruction in the primary school.

Fine Arts

The fine arts program at Next Generation Preschool brings wonderful opportunities to young children through exploration of the world of fine arts.  The program is designed to introduce students to the elements of art and a variety of media. They learn to identify and use these elements and media while also learning about well-known artists. Students have many opportunities to practice techniques and create master studies of celebrated artworks.  Another element of the program, Tiny Tinkers, is designed to help students further explore their creativity and practice creative problem solving.


In order to develop and encourage a love of reading, our preschool and transitional kindergarten students visit the Reading Room in small groups twice a week.  Children participate in phonemic awareness, letter and sound exercises, and practice word building, vocabulary, and comprehension skills through engaging activities.