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Creative Learning

Each child’s day is filled with rich and exciting opportunities to develop and grow at their own pace.

A portion of each day is set aside for math and language development. During this time, children explore activities that are individualized for their level of development. Teachers are keenly atune to each child’s needs and interests and are able to gently guide students toward activities that will encourage learning and inspire curiosity. Students explore science and social studies through theme-based units.

In addition, our curriculum also emphasizes music, art, and Spanish. These areas are considered key components of our overall curriculum because of the profound effect they have on a child’s development. We know that early experiences in these areas not only have a psychological impact, they also affect the neural pathways that allow a child to understand and process information effectively and to manage emotions in productive ways.


Our music curriculum, taught by a professional music instructor, is structured to provide diverse and enjoyable musical experiences for children. Our goal is to instill a natural understanding and appreciation for music that will continue throughout their lives.


Through an approach that incorporates vocabulary development with songs, stories, and word play, our Spanish instructor presents our children with an amazing opportunity to lay a foundation for second language acquisition.  

Fine Arts

Our art curriculum emphasizes the enjoyment and exploration involved in the creative process. Art projects, designed by our art specialist, are developmentally appropriate, involve both gross- and fine-motor skills, and provide children with an opportunity to experiment with different materials. Children are also introduced to specific artists and periods in art history.