NGS Voices

Our faculty, students, families, and alumni are the pillars of our school community. We embrace the wealth of knowledge and endless talents of our faculty as they foster the same in our students. They partner with our families to encourage the growth of our students into influential alumni. Here are some of their voices.
Faculty Voices
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Alumni Voices
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Family Voices
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Student Voices
Lisa GRADE 7

I saw how easy it was to make friends; students in different grades wanted to get to know me and I loved getting to know the teachers. I could tell that the classes would be more challenging and well-structured. I knew sixth grade was going to be an amazing year if I went here.

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Theo GRADE 2

My teachers are fun and exciting. They are my grown-up best friends and help me to learn what I want to be when I grow up.

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Sophie GRADE 4

My favorite thing about Next Generation is all the unique and fun activities and projects we do in class and after school. I love art, and even though I love that class, I love that I can do art in all of my school work! 

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