NGS Voices

Our faculty, students, families, and alumni are the pillars of our school community. We embrace the wealth of knowledge and endless talents of our faculty as they foster the same in our students. They partner with our families to encourage the growth of our students into influential alumni. Here are some of their voices.
Faculty Voices

As a Physical Education teacher, co-athletic director, and parent at Next Generation School (NGS), I bring a unique perspective to the institution. Working as a Physical Education teacher at NGS is a truly rewarding experience.

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As a teacher at NGS, I love being a part of a community that embodies what it means to inspire a lifelong love of learning. 

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Teaching at NGS is like a breath of fresh air.  Each day, I am greeted with students who are excited to learn "what happens next".

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Caroline COX

I am proud to teach at NGS because it is a school that embraces and celebrates diversity.  The staff is dedicated and eager to grow professionally and they provide various learning opportunities for all students.  

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Alumni Voices

I started attending NGS as a kindergartner and was accepted to Uni High as a subfreshman in 2021. Reflecting on my time at NGS, it's evident how this school has played an essential role in shaping who I am today.

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I’m Kelenna Onyemere, 2019 graduate, and current freshman at Indiana University, where I'm passionately pursuing a degree in Computer Science. My journey at NGS began in the 3rd grade, and the six years I spent there have left a profound mark on my life.

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I'm Ana Almeida, a proud graduate of NGS in 2018. Today, I'm a sophomore at Cornell University and a summer intern at Morgan Stanley's New York Office this summer. It's safe to say that my journey wouldn't be the same without NGS.

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I was first enrolled in Next Generation when I was four months old. From that point on, everyone here became my family.

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Anthony WU

Throughout my time at Next Generation, not only was I able to improve my English skills, I also learned life skills that still use today. Even skills that only seem relevant many years later, such as adapting presentation methods at scientific conferences...

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Ariana MIZAN

NGS has been a major part of my life and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the guidance and mentoring of the amazing teachers and staff who balanced learning with fun.

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The faculty and administration supported me as I decided on a new path and I gained valuable skills in working with those amazing children. I can always count on NGS as a home, not just a school.

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Family Voices

With up to three children in the school over the last 9 years, we have watched our children grow and blossom under the care of nurturing teachers in a stimulating environment. They have also made great friends with similar values on education and personal growth.

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Our son has attended NGS for a year and we are so fortunate that he has been able to spend this time in such a special place. Even though he is only 2, NGS has proven itself to be an excellent school and not just a “daycare center”.

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Sending our daughter to Next Generation was one of the best decisions we have made as parents. She is taken care of by people with years of experience that are a fountain of knowledge to new parents like us.

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We are amazed at their exposure to topics at STEAM; their school teachers have even made comments about their in-depth knowledge on certain topics.  Since starting STEAM, our daughter has developed a passion for all things science and our son has thrived with the hands-on activities.

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Student Voices
Lisa GRADE 7

I saw how easy it was to make friends; students in different grades wanted to get to know me and I loved getting to know the teachers. I could tell that the classes would be more challenging and well-structured. I knew sixth grade was going to be an amazing year if I went here.

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Theo GRADE 2

My teachers are fun and exciting. They are my grown-up best friends and help me to learn what I want to be when I grow up.

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Sophie GRADE 4

My favorite thing about Next Generation is all the unique and fun activities and projects we do in class and after school. I love art, and even though I love that class, I love that I can do art in all of my school work! 

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