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Our Mission & Philosphy

Welcome from the Founder

Whether it is a first grader systematically proving their hypothesis, a third grader organizing a penny drive to support the Humane Society, or an eighth grader explaining the properties of Nano materials, I have the distinct honor of seeing students being transformed on a daily basis - and to experience the future, today.

For over two decades we have been guiding children on a journey of discovery while instilling in them the courage of conviction and the tenacity to be outstanding. By celebrating the uniqueness of the individual and uncovering the unlimited potential of each student, we create an environment where children thrive and flourish.

Many years ago, I set about to create a school that would change the lives of its students, and that I have done, but my students have also had a deep and profound effect on my life. I am honored to call Next Generation School my life’s work.

Barb Sullivan

Founder, Next Generation School

Preparing the leaders of tomorrow to have the curiosity to discover, the wisdom to learn, and the courage to lead.

Next Generation Mission Statement


Dedication to the Children

Next Generation School dedicates itself to educating the whole child - ensuring their academic growth as well as fostering their social and emotional development.

By providing a multitude of learning experiences in core academics, in addition to supporting their physical and creative development, students grow into accomplished and confident individuals. This richness of experience sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and leadership that Next Generation School is proud to foster.

Working in partnership with our families is a vital component to helping children achieve their fullest potential. At every level, from six weeks to eighth grade, families are invited to be active participants in their child’s education.